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The Bride Takes a Groom (e-kniha)

The Penhallow Dynasty

EPUB (Adobe DRM) Lisa BerneHarperCollins (2018) • Séria Penhallow Dynasty

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Lisa Bernes Penhallow Dynasty continues with a pair of star-crossed childhood friends who meet again years laterand find love where they least expect it . . . Katherine Brooke may be a fabulously wealthy heiress, but shes trapped, a pawn in her parents ruthless game to marry her into the nobility. Then Captain Hugo Penhallowso charming, as handsome as a Greek godcomes into her life once more, and suddenly she sees a chance to be free.As a Penhallow, his is one of the highest names in the land, but still his family is facing ruin. So Katherine boldly proposes an exchange: his name for her money. But only if Hugo understands its merely a practical arrangement, and that shes not surrenderingherself entirely.Back from eight years in America and determined to give his younger siblings a better life, Hugo agrees. Hes never fallen in love, so why not? Yet neither of them guesses that this marriage will become far, far more than they ever dreamed of . . .

Rok vydania: 2018 Počet strán: 384 Jazyk: angličtina

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