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The Diamond Age (e-kniha)

EPUB (Adobe DRM) Neal StephensonPenguin Books (1998)

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The future is small. The future is nano . .


And who could be smaller or more insignificant than poor Little Nell - an orphan girl alone and adrift in a world of Confucian Law, Neo-Victorian values and warring nanotechnology?

Well, not quite alone. Because Nell has a friend, of sorts.

A guide, a teacher, an armed and unarmed combat instructor, a book and a computer: the Young Lady's Illustrated Primer is all these and much much more. It is illicit, magical, dangerous.

And it isn't Nell's. It was stolen.

And now some very powerful people want to get their hands on this highly desirable object. Nell is about to discover that the world can feel very small indeed . .

Rok vydania: 1998 Počet strán: 512 Jazyk: angličtina

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