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Playscripts 2 - Romeo and Juliet Enhanced

Oxford Bookworms (New Edition)

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This is the most famous of all Shakespeare's plays - a story of passionate young love. What's in a name? Does it really matter if you are called Montague or Capulet? When Romeo, son of Lord and Lady Montague, falls in love with the most beautiful girl he's ever seen, he finds out that it does matter. It makes all the difference in the world, because both families hate each other bitterly. For a time, Romeo and Juliet manage to keep their love secret. But when Romeo is sent away from Verona, and arrangements are made for Juliet to marry Paris, a friend of her father's, hope begins to die. Can any of their friends help the young lovers to be together for ever? Oxford Bookworms Playscripts - Key features A range of plays, designed for reading and performing in the classroom. Each play offers the opportunity to learn and practise language in an imaginative and dynamic way. Plays for all age-groups and interests. Full-length plays and collections of starter plays. Fully illustrated. Introduction and performance notes. Exercises and glossary.

Rok vydania: 2016 ISBN: 9780194209526 Rozmer: 127×197 mm Počet strán: 72 Väzba: brožovaná Jazyk: angličtina

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