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Dirty Blonde

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Groundbreaking rock musician. Award winning actress. Perceptive songwriter and author. Mother. Wife of a rock god. Fashionista and trendsetter. Provocateur. In each and every one of these roles Courtney Love has demonstrated a wholehearted commitment to her art, and an intense drive and a lust for life which has made her a star and a celebrity icon but has also led her into some unwise, uncharted and even dangerous territory. Simultaneously candid and enigmatic, her mordant wit and vivid intelligence have been matched in intensity only by the extraordinary life she has led, from a bleak early childhood through great fame and terrible heartbreak to the present day. At times exhilarating and at times unsettling, this is a story told for the first time in Dirty Blonde.

Composed of an astonishing and eclectic collection of deeply personal artifacts including letters, childhood records, poetry, diary entries, song lyrics, fanzines, show flyers, other original writings and never-before-seen photographs, Dirty Blonde is Love laid bare - a wholly fascinating portrait of a fierce and insightful woman with an unblinking world view and a determination to express herself no matter the cost.

Rok vydania: 2007 ISBN: 9781447219606 Rozmer: 155×235 mm Počet strán: 358 Väzba: brožovaná Jazyk: angličtina

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