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Kniha Tatras travel guide (Spectacular Slovakia) -

Tatras travel guide (Spectacular Slovakia)

Travel Guide

The Rock (2019)

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This detailed travel guide to the Tatras in English introduces you to the whole region around the Tatra mountains, including attractions on the Polish side of the Tatras.

Our adventurous team of travel writers has squeezed a mountain load of practical information into this pocket-sized guide, which contains:
•information and contact details for more than 500 tourist spots
•25 travel feature stories
•recommended hiking trips with detailed maps
•3D animations and countless photographs of the picture-perfect region
•calendar of events
•top accommodation facilities and restaurants
•suggestions for family-friendly fun

The precious peaks and enchanting valleys that define Slovakia are calling. Take a leisurely walk among the treetops, drift gently down the Dunajec River on a traditional raft and hangout with some rambunctious baby bears in a special contact zoo. Gobble up some gourmet grub in a restaurant where you pay for the experience but the food is free.

Príloha: map Jazyk: anglický Rok vydania: 2019 Rozmer: 135×225 mm ISBN: 9788089988051 Počet strán: 128 Väzba: brožovaná

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