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Kniha Jane Eyre - Charlotte Brontë

Jane Eyre

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At Thornfield Hall, resolute and independent Jane Eyre finds fulfilment in her duties as a governess and the love of her life in her employer Edward Rochester. But when a dark secret from Rochester's past comes to light, Jane must make the most difficult decision of her life: to stay beside the man she loves regardless of the truth, or to embark upon a new life free of the encumbrances of the past. Charlotte Bronte's powerful tale of romance and strong wills at odds with one another is a classic of 19th-century literature.This exquisite collectible edition is the perfect gift for book-lovers and a stunning addition to any home library.

Jazyk: anglický Rok vydania: 2016 Rozmer: 155×218 mm ISBN: 9781435163652 Počet strán: 520 Väzba: brožovaná

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