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Kniha ...about a picture in the Museum - Ján Papco

...about a picture in the Museum

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From Francesco Albani to Marcantonio Franceschini
Franceshinis original
Variations of Franceschinis composition
Marcantonio Franceschini and Adam Friedrich Oeser
The artistic character of the picture in Bojnice
Oesers metamorphoses
Franceschinis Assistants and Followers
Origins of the Picture in Bojnice
The Origin of the Bojnice Pastorale
Other Circumstances of Franceschinis Creation
Franceschinis Pastorale in the Museum
The Idea of Franceschinis Pastorale
Attributional authenticity of the artwork and today

Jazyk: anglický Rok vydania: 2013 Rozmer: 185×285 mm ISBN: 9788080603205 Počet strán: 121 Väzba: pevná s prebalom

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