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Kniha The Horse Dancer (Jojo Moyesová) - Jojo Moyes

The Horse Dancer (Jojo Moyesová)

Hodder & Stoughton General Division: 'An inspiring love story . . . Billy Elliot in jodhpurs' (Daily Mail on THE HORSE...

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Hodder & Stoughton General Division: 'An inspiring love story . . . Billy Elliot in jodhpurs' (Daily Mail on THE HORSE DANCER )

'A strikingly original tale which captivates from the first page' (Daily Express on THE HORSE DANCER )

'A tale brimming with tenderness and romance' (Marie Claire on THE HORSE DANCER )

'Tender, touching and truly original, it's a wonderful tale of love and loss' (Sarah Broadhurst, Bookseller )

'A touching and intelligent novel inspiring hope amid tragedy' (Daily Express )

'An emotional, wonderfully original story with unforgettable characters' (Daily Record on THE HORSE DANCER )

'An engaging and moving tale of love and loss, bravery and the determination to beat the odds' (Choice magazine on THE HORSE DANCER )

'Moyes is a romantic, and there is a gloriously happy ending, but the story is also surprising and genuinely moving' (The Times on SILVER BAY )

'Wonderfully romantic and moving.' (Daily Mail on THE SHIP OF BRIDES )

'Fascinating read . . . not only is THE SHIP OF BRIDES utterly compelling, it's educational. In a good way' (Heat on THE SHIP OF BRIDES )

'Engaging and poignant' (Glasgow Herald on THE SHIP OF BRIDES )

'Irresistible' (Daily Express on THE SHIP OF BRIDES )

In a hidden corner of London, Henri Lachapelle is teaching his granddaughter and her horse to defy gravity, just as he had done in France, fifty years previously. But when disaster strikes, fourteen-year-old Sarah is left to fend for herself.

Forced to share a house with her charismatic ex-husband, her professional judgement called into question, lawyer Natasha Macauley's life seems to have gone awry. When her path crosses that of Sarah, she sees a chance to put things right.

But she doesn't know that Sarah is keeping a secret . . . one that will change all their lives forever. (20050611)

Jazyk: anglický Rok vydania: 2014 Rozmer: 125×195 mm ISBN: 9780340961605 Počet strán: 528 Väzba: brožovaná

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