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Kniha Non-Life Insurance Mathematics - Thomas Mikosch

Non-Life Insurance Mathematics

An Introduction with the Poisson Process

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The volume offers a mathematical introduction to non-life insurance and, at the same time, to a multitude of applied stochastic processes. It includes detailed discussions of the fundamental models regarding claim sizes, claim arrivals, the total claim amount, and their probabilistic properties. Throughout the volume the language of stochastic processes is used for describing the dynamics of an insurance portfolio in claim size, space and time. Special emphasis is given to the phenomena which are caused by large claims in these models. The reader learns how the underlying probabilistic structures allow determining premiums in a portfolio or in an individual policy.

The second edition contains various new chapters that illustrate the use of point process techniques in non-life insurance mathematics. Poisson processes play a central role. Detailed discussions show how Poisson processes can be used to describe complex aspects in an insurance business such as delays in reporting, the settlement of claims and claims reserving. Also the chain ladder method is explained in detail.

More than 150 figures and tables illustrate and visualize the theory. Every section ends with numerous exercises. An extensive bibliography, annotated with various comments sections with references to more advanced relevant literature, makes the volume broadly and easily accessible.

* Presents a rigorous mathematical introduction, allowing the book to be used by a wide audience
* Includes more than 100 figures and tables that illustrate and visualize the theory
* Every section ends with extensive exercises
* Book's content is in agreement with the European "Group Consultatif" standards
* Includes an extensive bibliography, annotated by various comments sections with references to more advanced relevant literature, which makes the book broadly and easily accessible

Jazyk: anglický Rok vydania: 2009 ISBN: 9783540882329 Počet strán: 450 Väzba: brožovaná

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