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Kniha Son of Youth in Revolt - C.D. Payne

Son of Youth in Revolt

The Journals of Scott Twisp

C.D. PayneCreatespace (2012)

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Rebellious Nick Twisp of "Youth in Revolt" was a master at driving his parents to the brink. When he wasn't burning down parts of Berkeley or springing girlfriends from homes for unwed mothers, he was dodging gendarmes in Paris. So what sort of parent would that most outrageous of teenagers make? In this new installment of the acclaimed Twisp saga, 40-something Nick faces the daily trials of dealing with his own teenage son. When a move to California threatens to disrupt young Scott Twisp's life, he reacts in the true Twispian spirit. Follow this wannabe “wanton lothario” as he conspires to meet the challenges of girls, sex, work, parents, TV stardom, and more. Also returning to complicate matters are Sheeni, Trent, Apurva, Vijay, Jake, Veeva, Uma, and the rest of C.D. Payne's huge and colorful cast. Enjoy all seven books in the monumental Twisp saga: over a half-million words of hilarious mayhem!Note: Each book in the Nick Twisp series is a self-contained novel that can be enjoyed on its own. Familiarity with the other titles is not required.

Jazyk: anglický Rok vydania: 2012 Rozmer: 140×215 mm ISBN: 9781466436084 Počet strán: 282 Väzba: brožovaná

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