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Oxford Discover - Show and Tell 3: Teacher´s Book

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Classroom Presentation Tool: deliver heads-up lessons. Class audio, video and answer keys, as well as your teaching notes, are available online or offline, and updated across your devices. Classroom Presentation Tool includes on-screen Show and Tell Student Book, audio, animations and more! NEW Teacher Resource Center provides access to a variety of Show and Tell downloadable and editable classroom materials all in one place. Teacher Resource Centre includes Teaching Strategies for Show and Tell videos linked to the Teachers Guide that give a pratical guide for different elements of the course. Teacher Resource Centre includes NEW Parent Guides and Parent Letters deliver helpful tips and advice to parents who want to take an active role in their child's learning journey. Teacher's Guide includes a summary of the course concept, detailed scope and sequence, breakdown of methodology, unit walk throughs, teaching tips and classroom routines section. Full teaching notes are supplied for all lessons, including notes on using the Literacy and Numeracy Books. Whole child Kintergarten curriculum is clearly referecned throughout. Each lesson contains clear references to Critical Thinking tasks and areas of Learning Development and gives teachers approaches to differentiated learning.

Rok vydania: 2014 Rozmer: neuvedený Väzba: brožovaná Jazyk: angličtina

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