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Even Greater Mistakes (e-kniha)

EPUB (Adobe DRM) Charlie Jane AndersTitan Books (2021)

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Short stories from the multiple-award winning brain of Charlie Jane Anders. Enter the wild and fantastic worlds of one of the brightest minds in science fiction today.

Infinite worlds, and infinite possibilities, brought to you by the electric talents of Charlie Jane Anders. This collection cracks open science fiction with joyous exuberance and a riotous cavalcade of ideas.

Witness vampire zombies and fairy werewolves, fully-immersive AR cat brains, love in the form of tentacles, the amateur Time Travel Club's first successful experiment and transformations of all kinds. Whatever you do, don't stop trying new things, and don't be afraid of Even Greater Mistakes.

Rok vydania: 2021 Počet strán: 480 Jazyk: angličtina

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