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Zora CastilloASKI (2019)

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"Do you see them?" She nodded her head. They were rumpled, sweaty, tired and irritated, and almost blind with hunger and thirst. They were leaning against their luggage but when they glanced over at the attendants, their knees almost gave in. The smiling faces of the staff , their willingness and consideration - enough to take your breath away. They were never tired, the smiles on their faces were always authentic, and their geniality incredible. The tones of the music that accompanied their sojourn were an elixir for the soul.

"They're not real! You're hallucinating! Believe me! People don't behave like this anywhere!"

"Here they do, like in a fairy tale… just look!" She pointed at the attendant, dressed in beautifully colourful clothing, who was bringing them a welcome drink and awkwardly trying to pronounce their names. Her bashful smile finally broke through the ice, and all three of them returned the smile, despite their own fatigue. They took the glasses and drank to their health. The wishes of the waiters, the manager, and the attendants almost sounded like a song: "We will take good care of you, even better than at home." Everything that was being uttered was more than true - they felt as if they were in a dream. This kind and gentle gesture brought comfort, tranquility and satisfaction, and from their lips emerged a solitary word: "Asante ..."

Rok vydania: 2019 ISBN: 9788090610682 Rozmer: 150×210 mm Počet strán: 428 Väzba: pevná Jazyk: angličtina

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