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Underwater Photography

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The spectacular wildlife and dynamic scenery of the world beneath the waves

In Italian photographer Vincenzo Paolillo’s depictions of his underwater adventures, the world beneath the ocean’s surface transforms into a fantastical dimension. Shoals of brightly colored fish crowd the frame of some photographs against the backdrop of neon-toned coral formations; in other images, the semitransparent bodies of jellyfish are magnified into ghostly, abstract shapes. This collection of photographs is divided into five sections that call attention to the stylistic focal points of Paolillo’s work: Colors, Shapes, Places, Movement and Light. Under each heading the photography demonstrates both the diversity of wildlife that thrives under the waves and Paolillo’s keen eye for the natural world’s inherent artistic beauty. This hardcover volume is perfect for those interested in the magical qualities of underwater photography or the beautiful and often bizarre biomes that are less accessible to most humans.

Jazyk: anglický Rok vydania: 2021 ISBN: 9788857245232 Rozmer: 240×300 mm Počet strán: 240 Väzba: pevná

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