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Condoleezza Rice, Twelve (2017)
Stories from The Long Road to Freedom

From the former Secretary of State and bestselling author - a sweeping, definitive look at the birth, life and struggle of global democracy. From the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union to the ongoing struggle for human rights ... Zobraziť viac

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Valley of Genius

Adam Fisher, Twelve (2018)
The Uncensored History of Silicon Valley

Rarely has one economy asserted itself as swiftly-and as aggressively-as the entity we now know as Silicon Valley. Built with a seemingly permanent culture of reinvention, Silicon Valley does not fight change; it embraces it, and now powers ... Zobraziť viac

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Start Up Nation

Dan Senor, Twelve (2011)

Twelve: START-UP NATION addresses the trillion dollar question: How is it that Israel - a country of 7.1 million, only 60... Zobraziť viac

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Now, in MICROTRENDS, one of the most respected and sought-after analysts in the world articulates a new way of understanding how we live. Mark Penn, the man who identified "Soccer Moms" as a crucial constituency in President ... Zobraziť viac

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America in the World

Robert B. Zoellick, Twelve (2020)
A History of U.S. Diplomacy and Foreign Policy

Recounting the actors and events of U.S. foreign policy, Zoellick identifies five traditions that have emerged from America's encounters with the world: the importance of North America... Zobraziť viac

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Human Diversity

Charles Murray, Twelve (2020)
The Biology of Gender, Race, and Class

The thesis of Human Diversity is that advances in genetics and neuroscience are overthrowing an intellectual orthodoxy that has ruled the social sciences for decades... Zobraziť viac

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