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Paparazzi Bar Book (v anglickom jazyku)

The fine art of tending the bar / The bar menu

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With great pleasure and pride, we announce that a unique book came out into the light these days – an impressive cocktail menu and the story of one of the most famous Slovak bars combined in one neat looking book.

The idea to record the birth and philosophy of Paparazzi - nowadays a cult cocktail bar - and take it down on book pages was born three years ago. After endless meetings, talks and reminiscing abou old memories,the outstanding Paparazzi Bar Book is here.

Authors of the book are Stanislav Vadrna, the world famous bartender, who gave the Paparazzi bar his handwriting and soul and the Czech publicist Barbora Urbanová. She wrote down his talks and memories into an impressive bar story and bar manual in one – the first part of the book is The Fine Art of Tending the Bar. The second part of the book is the Bar Menu itself, which has an ambition to follow up its precursors – the cocktail menu that has been awarded at the most prestigious world competitions. You can already choose from the new but just as attractive and inspiring Bar menu in Paparazzi cocktail bar & ristorante these days.

Rok vydania: 2010 ISBN: 9788097027018 Rozmer: 135×215 mm Počet strán: 282 Väzba: pevná Jazyk: angličtina

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