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Janet Jackson: Control

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„Free at last / Out here on my own,” Janet Jackson sings on the title track of her 1986 blockbuster, Control, an album about personal liberation, romantic longing, and, of all things, sexual responsibility. After two albums of middling dance-pop that were comfortably in the Jackson family mold, Janet dropped in on the burgeoning Minneapolis funk factory of producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and came up with five top 10 hits, including the opening triad of „Control,” „Nasty,” and „What Have You Done for Me Lately,” as well as the yearning „When I Think of You” and „Let's Wait Awhile,” that rare song (considering some of Janet's hits to come) about not having sex. In its own way, Control is the most convincing declaration of artistic independence since Stevie Wonder's „Music of My Mind.” Daniel Durchholz
  • 1 Control /Harris, Jackson, Lewis 5:53
  • 2 Nasty /Harris, Jackson, Lewis 4:03
  • 3 What Have You Done for Me Lately /Harris, Jackson, Lewis 4:59
  • 4 You Can Be Mine 5:16
  • 5 The Pleasure Principle /Moir 4:58
  • 6 When I Think of You /Harris, Lewis 3:56
  • 7 He Doesn't Know I'm Alive 3:30
  • 8 Let's Wait Awhile /Andrews, Harris, Jackson ... 4:37 9 Funny How Time Flies 4:28

Rok vydania: 2019 Rozmer: 142×126 mm Obal: CD obal

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