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The Polaroid Book

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The Polaroid Corporation's photography collection is the greatest portfolio of Polaroid images in the world.


Begun by Polaroid founder Edwin Land and photographer Ansel Adams, the collection now includes some 23,000 images by hundreds of photographers throughout the world, including pieces by the likes of David Hockney, Andy Warhol, and Jeanloup Sieff.The Polaroid Book dives into these archives, paying tribute to a medium that continues to defy the digital age. Like an oversized Polaroid film pack, this collection curates works by luminaries and unknowns alike, celebrating the boundless possibilities that develop inside the white borders of the original instant photograph. Features: more than 250 works from the Polaroid Collections an essay by Polaroid's Barbara Hitchcock on the beginnings of instant photography and the collection's history a chapter featuring the various types of Polaroid cameras.

Jazyk: anglický, nemecký, francúzsky Rok vydania: 2019 ISBN: 9783836579858 Rozmer: 150×230 mm Počet strán: 472 Väzba: pevná

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