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Kniha Old Prague Cookbook - Viktor Faktor

Old Prague Cookbook

Viktor FaktorPráh (2018)

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Millet cake, cotton soup, kaldoun, kreplach or Prague kružalky cakes? Delicacies from Lippert and a recipe according to Šroubek? What’s the story with typical Czech cuisine? Did you know that the dishes we now consider typical and traditionally Czech come from various parts of Europe? That pork with dumplings and sauerkraut was created by one particular restaurateur? That fried veal escalope is originally from Northern Italy and came to us via the Viennese court? And what about Hungarian goulash and “Spanish birdie”? Would you like to know what the famous Czech actor Hugo Haas or writers Franz Kafka and Jaroslav Hašek liked to eat?…then you’ve made the right choice. Visit the world of other interesting facts about Old Czech cuisine with this original book full of original Old Czech recipes collected for you by the famed Prague-born globetrotter, lover of good food, good habits and life in general, and illustrated with unique collages by a similarly exceptional Czech artist and poet.

Jazyk: anglický Rok vydania: 2018 Rozmer: 135×217 mm ISBN: 9788072527465 Počet strán: 112 Väzba: pevná

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