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Kniha Captain America - Joe Simon, Steve Englehart, Mark Gruenwald

Captain America

Evolutions Of A Living Legend

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The star-spangled costume of Captain America has been a timeless symbol of hope and freedom since his days fighting Nazism overseas and McCarthyism at home. This historical retrospective of Steve Rogers' various uniforms and super-hero mantles is a showcase of America's ever-evolving sociopolitical landscape. From his early days fighting in overt patriotic garb as Captain America during World War II through his adoption of the predominately black uniform and title of the Captain at a time when he became a symbol of resisting absolute government control, Rogers has always worn his allegiance openly. Time and again, Steve has returned to Captain America's red-white-and-blue iconography, proving that the symbolic clothing of the Sentinel of Liberty stands for a higher ideal than any one person or government can achieve. COLLECTING: CAPTAIN AMERICA (1968) 180, 337, 438, 451; CAPTAIN AMERICA (1996) 3; SECRET AVENGERS (2010) 1; CAPTAIN AMERICA (2012) 1; CAPTAIN AMERICA: STEVE ROGERS 1; CAPTAIN AMERICA (2017) 695; MATERIAL FROM CAPTAIN AMERICA COMICS 1-2.

Jazyk: anglický Rok vydania: 2019 Rozmer: 169×258 mm ISBN: 9781302918484 Počet strán: 248 Väzba: brožovaná

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