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Mountain Meteorology: Fundamentals and Applications

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Mountain Meteorology: Fundamentals and Applications offers first an introduction to the basic principles and concepts of mountain meteorology, then goes on to discuss their application in natural resources management. It includes over two hundred, beautiful, full-colour photographs, figures, and diagrams, as well as observable indicators of atmospheric processes-such as winds, temperature, and clouds-to facilitate the recognition of weather systems and events for a variety of readers. It is ideal for those who spend time in or near mountains and whose daily activities are affected by weather. As a comprehensive work filled with diverse examples and colourful illustrations, it is essential for professionals, scholars, and students of meteorology. Mountains of North America are featured, but the European Alps, the Southern Alps of New Zealand, and the Himalayas are also included.

Rok vydania: 2000 ISBN: 9780195132717 Rozmer: 225×285 mm Počet strán: 368 Väzba: pevná Jazyk: angličtina

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