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Kniha Moral Foundations of Philosophy of Mind - Joel Backstroem, Hannes Nykanen, Niklas Toivakainen, Thomas Wallgren

Moral Foundations of Philosophy of Mind

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This volume brings together a collection of essays that explore in a new way how unacknowledged moral concerns are integral to debates in the philosophy of mind.The radical suggestion of the book is that we can make sense of the internal dynamics and cultural significance of these debates only when we understand the moral forces that shape them.

Drawing inspiration from a variety of traditions including Wittgenstein, Lacan, phenomenology and analytic philosophy, the authors address a wide range of topics including the mind/body-problem, the problem of other minds, subjectivity and objectivity, the debates on mindreading, naturalism, reductive physicalism, representationalism and the `E-turn'; Dennett's heterophenomenology, McDowell's neo-Kantianism, Wittgenstein's `private language' considerations and his notion of an `attitude towards a soul'; repression, love, conscience, the difficulties of self-understanding, and the methods and aims of philosophy.

Through a combination of detailed, immanent criticism and bold constructive work, the authors move the discussion to a new level, beyond humanistic or conservative critiques of naturalism and scientism.

Jazyk: anglický Rok vydania: 2019 Rozmer: 148×210 mm ISBN: 9783030184919 Počet strán: 377 Väzba: pevná

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