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A Year Without Food

Discover The Unimaginable World of Proven Energetic Nourishment

Ray MaorTwin Flame (2015)

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In this compelling book, Ray Maor explores breatharianism, its challenges, rewards, and how it completely transformed his life and the lives of many of his students. He shares his experiences and his research on the energy of prana and the multiple benefits of becoming a breatharian. After years of spiritual development and in search of higher knowledge, Ray took the ultimate breatharian initiation challenge of eliminating food and living on prana.Then he volunteered to be tested in a televised medical experiment where he went 8 days without food or water, during which his blood composition remained stable, proving with scientific testing and research the viability of the breatharian lifestyle.His increasingly popular Pranic Living Group Initiation retreats are grounded in practical techniques and methods for safely living on light and demonstrating that indeed, our bodies and our spirits have capabilities extending far beyond our current understanding.

Jazyk: anglický Rok vydania: 2015 ISBN: 9781880765982 Rozmer: 153×230 mm Počet strán: 210 Väzba: brožovaná

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