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DVD Scary Movie 3.5 [2004] - David Zucker

Scary Movie 3.5 [2004] (DVD)

David ZuckerDisney (2005)

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Feature commentary by Director Deleted and Extended Scenes

What would happen if the characters in the thrillers SIGNS and THE RING started to hang out together... The answer: SCARY MOVIE 3. In the latest spoof from director David Zucker (TOP SECRET, THE NAKED GUN), beautiful television reporter Cindy (Anna Faris) covers a story about mysterious crop circles in the corn fields around Tom's (Charlie Sheen) home. Simultaneously, a mysterious videotape of disturbing images is circulating around town, and viewers receive phone calls saying that they will die in seven days. Intrepid reporter Cindy has a gut feeling that the crop circles and the videotape are linked--and she's determined to get to the bottom of the story. At the same time, she is playing mother to her creepy psychic nephew, Cody (Drew Mikuska), and sparks are flying between her and Tom's brother, wannabe-rapper George (Simon Rex). Celebrities abound in this goofy satire that pokes fun at a number of recent films through both sight gags and dialogue. Watch for appearances from Queen Latifah, George Carlin, Denise Richards, Fat Joe, Eddie Griffin, Ja Rule, Macy Gray, Pamela Anderson, Jenny McCarthy, Darrell Hammond, Method Man, Redman, and Leslie Nielsen as the President of the United States.

Herci: Pamela Anderson, Leslie Nielsen, Master P, Macy Gray, Jenny McCarthy

Jazyk: anglický Rok vydania: 2005 Rozmer: neuvedený Dĺžka: 84 Obal: DVD obal

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