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Kniha The Grid - Matt Watkinson

The Grid

The Decision-Making Tool for Every Business

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This ground-breaking book reveals the fundamental, inseparable elements behind the success of every business. The Grid provides the mental scaffolding to help you evaluate and refine product and service ideas; reduce risk by considering the broader impact of strategic decisions; identify the root causes behind business challenges; anticipate the impact of changes in the market and turn them to your advantage; and collaborate more effectively across teams. This is a straightforward, holistic, universally-applicable approach to business, suitable for big or small companies. Combining practical guidance with real-world examples, The Grid will bring clarity and confidence to your business decision-making.

Jazyk: anglický Rok vydania: 2017 Rozmer: 153×254 mm ISBN: 9781847941879 Počet strán: 352 Väzba: brožovaná

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