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Oxford Student´s Dictionary Low Price Edition (3rd)

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A dictionary for students in CLIL, bilingual or vocational schools, or preparing for IELTS or TOEFL® exams

General English plus curricular and academic vocabulary for students studying other subjects in English (biology, maths, science, travel and tourism, etc).

Oxford Student's Dictionary is a corpus-based dictionary with the curricular, academic and general English vocabulary students need to know to study other subjects in English.

The CD-ROM includes the complete dictionary, and allows students to search for words by subject or topic and to create their own word lists in the My Topics Dictionary.

Key Features:
  • 52,000 words, phrases and meanings in British and American English with curricular words highlighted
  • Collocation and thesaurus boxes help students expand their vocabulary and sound more natural
  • 40 Reference pages help students improve their academic writing and study skills
  • Over 200 diagrams and illustrations make it easier to understand and describe scientific and technical processes
  • Oxford 3000™ keyword entries show students the most important words to know in English, and Academic Word list words are also clearly marked
  • CD-ROM includes the full A-Z dictionary, Oxford Wordfinder Dictionary, Oxford Genie, Topic Dictionary, My Topics Dictionary, plus language games and exercises to build vocabulary and practise for exams

Rok vydania: 2012 Rozmer: neuvedený Väzba: brožovaná Jazyk: angličtina

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