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Kniha Chinoku: The Original Chinese Sudoku Game - Caleb Powell

Chinoku: The Original Chinese Sudoku Game

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Learn and practice writing basic Chinese while solving Chinoku puzzles. Chinoku is similar to Sudoku but uses Chinese characters instead of numbers. Perfect for students of Chinese, or as a puzzle. Caleb Powell was born in Taiwan. He has also lived in Argentina, Brazil, Denmark, Guam, South Korea, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates. He studied Mandarin as an adult in Taichung, and has attained different levels of language proficiency in Chinese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish. Along with teaching English, he has taught Spanish, and edited and translated Chinese. His TESL guide, The World Is a Class, was published in Canada by Good Cheer. His literary work is forthcoming or in numerous publications, including The Baltimore Review, descant, Gulf Coast, The Los Angeles Review, Post Road, The Rio Grande Review, The Texas Review and Zyzzyva.

Jazyk: anglický, čínsky Rok vydania: 2010 ISBN: 1452895198 Počet strán: 66 Väzba: pevná

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