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Rahul Jandial

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Rahul Jandial, FANTOM Print (2019)
A Brain Surgeon's Secrets to Boost Performance And Unleash Creativity

From the operating room, where he performs some of the riskiest surgeries around, to the lab, where he works on leading clinical trials, Dr. Rahul Jandial is on the cutting edge of the latest advancements in neuroscience. This fascinating book draws... Zobraziť viac

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Life Lessons from a Brain Surgeon

Rahul Jandial, Penguin Books (2020)
The New Science and Stories of the Brain

World-leading neuroscientist and neurosurgeon Dr Rahul Jandial draws on his years of work with patients suffering from the most extreme cases of brain damage, disorders and illnesses to reveal what they can tell us about the science of the mind.. Zobraziť viac

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