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Henry Gray

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Gray's Anatomy

Henry Gray, Barnes and Noble (2019)
Barnes & Noble Collectible Editions

Gray's Anatomy is an English-language textbook of human anatomy originally written by Henry Gray and illustrated by Henry Vandyke Carter that may be most readable and popular anatomy book in the World literature. Earlier editions were called ... Zobraziť viac

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Gray's Anatomy

Henry Gray's Anatomy Descriptive and Surgical has been the definitive professional guide of the human body for medical practitioners, students and laypeople alike since its first publication in 1858. This edition comes in a stylish slipcase ... Zobraziť viac

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Gray's Anatomy

Gray's Anatomy

Henry Gray, H.V. Carter, Barnes and Noble (2011)
This is an attractively designed edition of "Gray's Anatomy", the scientific and artistic triumph. Kept in print by its...

It so happens that the right teacher can take the form of a book. Gray's Anatomy is one of those few titles that practically everybody has heard of, and with good reason it is a scientific and artistic triumph. Not just a dry index of parts and names, .. Zobraziť viac

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