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Morské riasy FH13

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Puzzle with a motive from life in the North Sea. Species shown are: common gulls, common terns, white-tailed sea eagle, gannet(top right), black-throated diver, puffin, eider(male & female),herring, compass jellyfish, needlefish(gar pike), common seal, common porpoise, cod, cuckoo wrasse, common jellyfish, lumpfish, ling, mackerel, catfish (wolffish), edible crab, scallop, plaice, common sea urchin, red starfish (porania pulvillus, bottom left), king crab, various anemones & sponges, greater weever, monkfish (angler), purple sea star (big starfish), various shells, green opelet (anemone), lobster.

Katalógové číslo: FH13 Rozmer: 365×285 mm Dielikov: 60 : 285x365 mm

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