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Kniha Project Work - Janet Gould

Project Work

Janet GouldScholastic (2003)

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Timesaver Project Work contains fifteen engaging and motivating projects on wide ranging topics aimed specifically at teenagers: from " Create a New Pop Group " to " Survive in the Jungle " and from " Design a New Outfit " (for a pop or sports star) to " Create a Class Website ". Each project contains an activity or worksheet to encourage the student to engage in the topic. Each project requires the student to practise a variety of the four skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Students also learn/revise key items of vocabulary grammar relating to their chosen project.

Jazyk: anglický Rok vydania: 2003 Rozmer: 210×297 mm ISBN: 9781900702287 Počet strán: 96 Väzba: špirálová

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