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Kniha Europäische Klavierschule - Band 3 / Volume 3 - Fritz Emonts

Europäische Klavierschule - Band 3 / Volume 3

The European Piano Method / Méthode de Piano européenne

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Following the very successful piano method published in two volumes between 1958 and 1962, the three-volume "European Piano Method" represents a new textbook which takes into account the development of modern piano pedagogy.
  • 7 Winning Features of the Emonts Method:
  • 1 Songs from many European countries
  • 2 Pupils begin to play without music notation
  • 3 Improvisation and playing on the black keys
  • 4 Development of listening skills and aural awareness
  • 5 Simple and logical learning structure
  • 6 Lots of duets
  • 7 Attractive full-colour illustrations

Volume 3
The third volume of "The European Piano Method" is not strictly speaking a piano method, but rather a collection of meterial and suggestions for the advanced tution of now slightly older players.
The author has therefore concentrated on selecting pieces from the vast wealth of the piano repertoire and grouping them according to specific structural criteria. With this approach, technical aspects (playing chord, thirds, sixths and other intervals) go hand in hand with musical themes (expressive touch, extending rhythmic awareness, cantabile playing with pedal). These developmental processes should suffuse each other: in the technical procedures, on the one hand, control over quality of tone, clarity and articulation should not falter; the pieces from the piano repertoire, on the other hand, should gain creative power through ever-increasing technical skills.
The appendix of Volume 3 contains further 'yellow pages' with ideas for improvisation. the subjects are: Ostinato Bass Patterns, Song Accompaniement, Completing Melodies, Improvising over Chord Progressions, Seventh Chords, Introduction to Jazz Harmony.

Instrumentation: piano

Fritz Emonts, geboren in Breinig bei Aachen, studierte von 1936-39 Klavier bei Heinz Schüngeler in Hagen und Köln. Nach dem 2. Weltkrieg war er Klavierlehrer am Hagener Musikseminar, von 1963-86 Leiter der von ihm gegründeten städtischen Musikschule, außerdem Professor für Klavier und Klavierdidaktik an der Folkwang Hochschule für Musik in Essen. Emonts schrieb 1958-62 die Klavierschule "Erstes Klavierspiel", 1992-94 die dreibändige "Europäische Klavierschule".

Jazyk: nemecký, anglický Rok vydania: 2020 Rozmer: 230×305 mm ISBN: 9783795799113 Počet strán: 112 Väzba: brožovaná

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