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Kniha Marketing Research: Tools and Techniques - Nigel Bradley

Marketing Research: Tools and Techniques

Second Edition

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The second edition of Marketing Research: Tools and Techniques provides an accessible and engaging insight into marketing research. Based on the concept of the Marketing Research Mix, the text is organized around the core themes of research preparation, data collection, analysis and communication of findings, and how skills and techniques are used in different research contexts. The text covers the basic tools of marketing research and evaluates the most appropriate techniques available when deciding the type of research to carry out. Supported by a wealth of pedagogical features, the author enables students to understand the issues involved in carrying out research and the potential pitfalls to be aware of, thereby ensuring a clear understanding of the overall subject.

* Features a unique Market Researcher's Toolbox section in the text and on the online resource centre, containing a suite of vital resources such as sample questionnaires, to provide students with the necessary tools to engage with the practicalities of research.
* Provides a balance between theory and practice demonstrating how to actually carry out marketing research and to encourage students to be critical and analytical in their thinking.
* Highlights examples of both good and poor practice so that students are aware of how research should be conducted as well as what is unacceptable in marketing research.
* Includes a dedicated chapter on online research to enable students to understand the range of technology available to researchers and how these can be used in an integrated fashion.

New to this edition

* A new chapter on online research has been added.
* The chapters on audience research and advertising research have been merged to form a new chapter, which will be entitled audience and advertising research.
* The title for the final part of the book has been changed from research applications to research contexts.

Jazyk: anglický Rok vydania: 2010 Rozmer: 189×246 mm ISBN: 9780199564347 Počet strán: 560

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