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Trips There And Back To My Soul (e-kniha)

PDF EPUB MOBI Katarína KabáthKataStrophae Publishing (2020)

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Do you need a pause and some time off? Be with yourself and feel the life in your veins? This book offers to become a companion for such moments. The first English book of collected poetic texts of Kata Kabath is the poetry of everyday life melted with exotic smells and tastes of travel and love. All wrapped into a female soul. Interested? These poems from 2013-2018, illustrated by Olga Yakubovskaya and her beautiful aquarelles will take you to your own self.

Rok vydania: 2020 Počet strán: 96 Jazyk: angličtinaŠtýl: životopisný, filozofický, duchovný

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