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Elements of Physical Chemistry

7th Edition

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The ideal course companion, Elements of Physical Chemistry is written specifically with the needs of undergraduate students in mind, and provides extensive mathematical and pedagogical support while remaining concise and accessible.

For the seventh edition of this much-loved text, the material has been reorganized into short Topics, which are grouped into thematic Focus sections to make the text more digestible for students, and more flexible for lecturers to teach from. At the beginning of each topic, three questions are posed, emphasizing why it is important, what the key idea is, and what the student should already know.

Throughout the text, equations are clearly labeled and annotated, and detailed 'justification' boxes are provided to help students understand the crucial mathematics which underpins physical chemistry. Furthermore, Chemist's Toolkits provide succinct reminders of key mathematical techniques exactly where they are needed in the text. Frequent worked examples, in addition to self-test questions and end-of-focus exercises, help students to gain confidence and experience in solving problems.

This diverse suite of pedagogical features, alongside an appealing design and layout, make Elements of Physical Chemistry the ideal course text for those studying this core branch of chemistry for the first time.

Online Resource Centre:

For registered adopters of the book:
* Figures and tables of data from the book, ready to download.
* A test bank of additional multiple-choice questions, linked to relevant sections of the book

For students:
*Multiple choice questions to support self-directed learning
*Final numerical answers to the end-of-focus questions in the book.

Rok vydania: 2017 ISBN: 9780198727873 Rozmer: 192×265 mm Počet strán: 656 Väzba: brožovaná Jazyk: angličtina

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