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English Plus 2: Workbook

Second Edition with Access to Audio and Practice Kit

Ben WetzOxford University Press (2016) • Séria English Plus - Second edition • Edícia English Plus • 2. diel

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The Workbook contains six pages of additional practice for each of the Student's Book units. The Starter unit has eight pages. This comprises exercises for vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing at three levels of difficulty. A two-page Progress review after every unit with self-assessments and I can ... statements. Four pages of Cumulative review which provide revision of all the language and skills studied up to a particular point in the Student's Book. · A Reference section which includes: a Language focus reference with additional practice exercises for each grammar point; an alphabetical Wordlist with illustrations and a phonetic chart; a Key phrases section with Key phrases from the Student's Book; an Irregular verbs list. A Student access card to the online Practice kit for additional self-study practice.

Rok vydania: 2016 ISBN: 9780194202244 Rozmer: 219×275 mm Počet strán: 104 Väzba: brožovaná Jazyk: angličtina

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