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Beyond Training

Mastering Endurance, Health & Life

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Whether you're an extreme exercise enthusiast or you're just looking to shed a few pounds, this is the last book on training, endurance, health, and life you will ever need. In this book you will learn: The 2 best ways to build fitness fast without destroying your body; Underground training tactics for maximising workout efficiency; the best biohacks for enhancing mental performance and entering the zone; how to know with laserlike accuracy whether your body has truly recovered; 26 ways to recover quickly from workouts, injuries, and overtraining; the 25 most important blood and saliva biomarkers and how to test them; 5 essential elements of training that most athletes neglect; 7 stress-fighting weapons to make your mind-body connection bulletproof; proven systems to enhance sleep, eliminate insomnia, and conquer jet lag; 40 high-calorie, nutrient-dense meals that won't destroy your metabolism; Easy tools for customising your carbs, proteins, and fats for your unique body; 9 ways to fix a broken gut, detox your body, and create a toxin-free life; a complete system to safeguard your immune system and stomach; simple time-efficiency tips for balancing training, work, travel, and family.

Rok vydania: 2014 ISBN: 9781628603767 Rozmer: 153×228 mm Počet strán: 480 Väzba: brožovaná Jazyk: angličtina

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