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Kniha The Good Divorce Guide - Cristina Odone

The Good Divorce Guide

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'I believe we can separate in a really civilised, non-traumatic way' I say. 'And I bet' Jill says ' that you believe in Father Christmas too.' When Rosie Martin discovers that Jonathan, her husband of 15 years, is having an affair, she feels that her world is falling apart. That is, until she realises that she's actually fallen out of love with him, too. So Rosie and Jonathan decide to go their separate ways, determined to be civilised about their divorce, for the sake of the children - in short, to have a 'good divorce'...But even the best of intentions and the most mature of objectives can be no match for external forces. Cue the rest of the world, where divorce is always a dirty word. Everyone and everything seems determined to conspire to make this divorce bitter - the lawyer, the estate agent, the botox man, the friends, not least their respective families...'The Good Divorce Guide' is a touching, witty, funny story about starting afresh and learning to find your own way in life, no matter what anyone says.

Jazyk: anglický Rok vydania: 2009 Rozmer: 127×197 mm ISBN: 9780007289745 Počet strán: 378 Väzba: brožovaná

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