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CD album Ruzni/Pop Intl: Funk-universal Masters

Ruzni/Pop Intl: Funk-universal Masters


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  • Sex Machine
    Brown, James
    Brown, James
  • Gonna Blow Your Mind
    McClary, Thomas
  • Who Is He And What Is He To You
    Withers, Bill
    Creative Source
  • Open Your Heart
    Bar Kays, The
  • Love Hangover
    Sawyer, Pam
    Ross, Diana
  • Think (About It)
    Brown, James
    Collins, Lyn
  • P.Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up)
    Clinton Jr., George
  • Jungle Boogie
    Boyce, Donald
    Kool &The Gang
  • Papa Was A Rolling Stone
    Strong, Barrett
    Temptations, The
  • I Wanna Do Something Freaky To You
    Haywood, Leon
    Haywood, Leon
  • Got To Give It Up _part I_
    Gaye, Marvin
    Gaye, Marvin
  • Mellow Mellow Right On
    Brownlee, L.
  • Everybody Loves The Sunshine
    Ayers, Roy
    Ayers, Roy

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