Kniha What's Where on Earth Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Life - Darren Naish, Chris Barker

What's Where on Earth Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Life

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Journey back in time and find out where the dinosaurs roamed. This unique children's atlas explores each continent, revealing fossil sites and stories on every map. Part of the best-selling What's Where on Earth series, this atlas is packed with maps of early Earth and more than 40 profiles of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals.Stare down a T Rex in North America. Watch out for Velociraptors' slashing claws in the Gobi Desert. Trek across the Siberian tundra and discover a woolly mammoth.This stunning book uses breathtaking computer-generated imagery to make every animal come to life. Using specially-commissioned maps, this dinosaur atlas also shows you what the world looked like millions of years ago. A modern 3D globe next to each map helps you understand the arrangement of the continents over time and why we find fossils where we do.You can see what palaeontologists have dug up over the centuries in each continent and learn how they put together a picture of the past from a puzzle of ancient clues. What's Where on Earth: Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Life reveals the prehistoric world as never before, and is an essential addition to the library of every young dinosaur expert.

Jazyk: anglický Rok vydania: 2019 Odporúčaný vek: 9-12 Rozmer: neuvedený ISBN: 9780241344194 Počet strán: 160 Väzba: pevná