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DVD Bigger, Stronger, Faster [2008] -

Bigger, Stronger, Faster [2008]


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Product Description

America is a country that prides itself on the superlative: they are the biggest, strongest, fastest nation in the world. Is it any wonder so many of their sporting heroes are on performance enhancing drugs? Director Chris Bell combines an original mix of pop culture references, a diverse cast from elite athletes to US Congressmen, with an emotional family story to illustrate the image of a nation on steroids. When a nation discovers their heroes have all broken the rules, do you follow the rules yourself, or do you follow your heroes?

In the hopes of exploring American culture's increased obsession with winning, documentary filmmaker Christopher Bell examines the anabolic steroid use of his two brothers. After setting the stage with a look at the cultural backdrop of the 1980s -- in which hulky stars like Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger were the ideal -- Bell illustrates how he and his brothers became involved in the bodybuilding subculture, eventually discovering the brutal truth that success in the lifestyle of pumping iron demanded the use of steroids.

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