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DVD Naked Weapon [2002] -

Naked Weapon [2002]


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Anya and Maggie Q star in this sequel to NAKED KILLER as Charlene and Katt, the two newest recruits of Madame M, an assassin who kidnaps girls off the streets and trains them to become killers. The two quickly become Madame M's top students and, as a reward, are assigned to kill a prominent but CIA protected dignitary.

DVD Description

Around the globe attractive, athletic young girls are disappearing. They are imprisoned for 6 years in an island fortress and subjected to a brutal training regime. After six years of training, the girls are finally forced to fight each other to the death. Three survive the ordeal – the temperamental loner Jing (Jewel Lee) and close friends Charlene (Maggie Q) and Katt (Anya) – and become professional assassins. When their activities attract the attentions of the CIA, Asian American agent Jack Chen (Daniel Wu) is assigned to investigate.

Rok vydania: 2003 Rozmer: neuvedený