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Kniha Art in Changing Times - Ján Abelovský, Katarína Bajcurová

Art in Changing Times

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This book is the most comprehensive attempt to survey the history of painting and sculpture in Slovakia between 1890 and 1949. Slovak Modernism is presented as a logical, continuous complex of the endeavors of artists from all cultural backgrounds: Slovak, Hungarian, Czech, and Jewish. From the flourishing of the Austro-Hungarian Empire to the communists gaining full control over Czechoslovakia, thisconsideration demonstrates how art in Slovakia was exposed to many changes during this period. This item ships from multiple locations.

Jazyk: anglický Rok vydania: 2000 Rozmer: 231×326 mm ISBN: 9788071454120 Počet strán: 383 Väzba: pevná s prebalom

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