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New Headway Intermediate Maturita Student's Book with iTutor DVD-ROM

Fourth Edition

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General English for adults
Fourth Edition

A fully revised and updated edition which challenges students to make real progress at intermediate level. With language input and skills development, students have a complete syllabus with grammar at its core. And throughout the book, Music of English and Spoken English show learners how to use tone, stress, and informal phrases to express the right meaning - and sound natural - when speaking.

Key features:
  • Integrated-skills syllabus with a clear grammar focus
  • Everyday English in every unit
  • Music of English for stress and intonation
  • Spoken English for informal, natural-sounding language in conversation
  • Reference material - tapescripts, grammar, extra class materials, word lists, verb patterns, irregular verbs, and phonetic symbols

Rok vydania: 2013 ISBN: 9780194770477 Rozmer: 215×295 mm Počet strán: 175 Väzba: brožovaná Jazyk: angličtina, čeština

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