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DVD Phantasm IV -

Phantasm IV


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Picking up precisely where the last instalment left off, PHANTASM IV: Oblivion finds Mike (Baldwin) travelling through time to escape his evil nemesis, the Tall Man (Scrimm). In an attempt to unearth the origins of his enemy, Mike enters a dimensional gate leading to the 19th century, where he meets the Tall Man as an innocent (and actually friendly) scientist on the brink of unlocking the secrets of gates and spheres. Meanwhile, Reggie (Bannister) remains in the present fighting off the undead menace (and his murderous flying hardware) in an effort to save his friend's life.
PHANTASM IV: Oblivion contains a never-before-seen scene cut from the first instalment during a flashback sequence, and features the same director, writer, and cast as the original 1979 cult classic.

Rok vydania: 2005 Rozmer: neuvedený