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DVD Navy Seals - Untold Stories -

Navy Seals - Untold Stories


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3 DVD Box Set. Navy SEAL's: Vietnam - On April 2nd 1972, a U.S. Airforce EB-66 escorted a squadron of B-52 bombers over the demilitarized zone between North and South Vietnam. The unarmed electronic warfare plane, call sign "Bat-21", carried a crew of six. Their mission was to seek out enemy missile batteries before they could strike the bombers. In the midst of an enemy invasion the airmen are shot down. They land as 30,000 North Vietnamese troops descend upon South Vietnam. Rescue attempts by air end in tragedy. But one Navy Seal refuses to leave three Americans behind enemy lines. Navy SEAL's: Bosnia - In December 1997, a C-17 cargo jet containing several 8-foot-high metal containers touched down at the U.S. base in Tuzla Bosnia. The containers (modern day Trojan horses) were filled with 65 commandos from the Navy's premier counter-terrorism unit, SEAL Team 6. Handlers whisked the human payload into a nearby hanger to avoid notice by Russian "allies" on the base. Once the SEALs had been unpacked in secrecy, they headed to CIA-run safe houses in the surrounding countryside. Their mission: to apprehend five PIFWCs, and acronym for "persons indicated for war crimes" in northern Bosnia. Navy Seal's: Grenada - The success of the Navy Seal's mission depends on training and stealth. Their goal - to evade communist-backed revolutionaries in Grenada and rescue U.S allies. But when their covert operation is discovered, they are ambushed by rebel soldiers. Running out of ammo and out of time, they have to make every shot count to survive. Braving enemy gunfire, the SEALs fast-rope from a crippled helicopter into a war zone to rescue the Governor-General of Grenada.

Two disc set that profiles one of America's most prestigious special forces units, the Navy SEALS. Includes: 'Vietnam', 'The Canal Zone', 'Bosnia' and 'Columbia'.

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