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DVD The Ultimate Hammer Collection (21 Disc Box Set) -

The Ultimate Hammer Collection (21 Disc Box Set)


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Special Features

BLOOD FROM THE MUMMIES TOMB Interviews with Valerie Leon & Christopher Wicking Stills Gallery Radio Spots DEMONS OF THE MIND Commentary with director Peter Sykes, writer Christopher Wicking and co-star Virginia Weatherall Trailer DRACULA PRINCE OF DARKNESS 57 min doc: The Many Faces of Christopher Lee FEAR IN THE NIGHT Commentary with Jimmy Sangster Trailer ONE MILLION YEARS B.C. Interview with Raquel Welch Interview with Ray Harryhausen PREHISTORIC WOMEN Trailer QUATERMASS & THE PIT Trailer RASPUTIN THE MAD MONK Trailer SCARS OF DRACULA Commentary with Roy Ward Baker & Christopher Lee Stills Gallery Trailer SHE Vanilla STRAIGHT ON TIL MORNING Commentary with Rita Tushingham Trailer DEVIL RIDES OUT Trailer HORROR OF FRANKENSTEIN Commentary with director Jimmy Sangster Interview with Veronica Carlson Poster & Stills Gallery THE NANNY Commentary with director Jimmy Sangster PLAGUE OF ZOMBIES Trailers THE REPTILE Vanilla VENGEANCE OF SHE Trailer THE WITCHES Trailer TO THE DEVIL A DAUGHTER Feature doc: To The Devil...The Death of Hammer Interview with Eddie Powell Trailer VIKING QUEEN Trailer

Features: 'Blood From The Mummies Tomb', 'Demons Of The Mind', 'The Devil Rides Out', 'Viking Queen', 'Dracula, Prince Of Darkness', 'Fear In The Night', 'Frankenstein Created Women', 'The Horror Of Frankenstein', 'The Nanny', 'One Million Years BC', 'The Plague Of The Zombies', 'Prehistoric Women', 'Quartermass And The Pit', 'Rasputin The Mad Monk', 'The Reptile', 'The Scars Of Dracula', 'SHE', 'To The Devil A Daughter', 'The Vengeance Of SHE', 'Straight On Till Morning' and 'The Witches'.

Rok vydania: 2006 Rozmer: neuvedený