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CD album Gym Class Heroes: As Cruel As - Explic

Gym Class Heroes: As Cruel As - Explic


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Rok vydání: 2006

1 1st period: The queen and I
2 2nd period: Shoot down the stars
3 3rd period: New friend request
4 4th period: Clothes off!!
5 Lunch: Sloppy love jingle, Pt. 1
6 6th period: Viva la white girl
7 7th period: 7 weeks
8 8th Period: It's Ok, But Just This Once!
9 Study hall: Sloppy love jingle, Pt. 2
10 10th period: Biters block
11 Yearbook club: Boys in bands interlude
12 12th period: Scandalous scholastics
13 13th period: On my own time (write on!)
14 Intramurals: Cupids chokehold
15 Detention: Sloppy love jingle, Pt. 3

Rok vydania: 2007 Rozmer: neuvedený Obal: CD obal