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DVD Tweenies - Let's Play [1999] -

Tweenies - Let's Play [1999]


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DVD Description

Hey, hey are you ready to play? Then join the Tweenies as they sing, dance, laugh and play! Can you find the hidden Tweenies before Bella does? See what happens when Fizz rescues the giant snake from Milo. Sing songs and play games as Bella, Milo and Fizz teach Jake about pushing and pulling. Judy’s bananas have gone missing! The Tweenies are playing tricks and monkeying about – you can be a cheeky monkey too! Doodles, Izzles and the Tweenies are putting on a show. When Jake wants to dance like his friends, he practises hard and soon all the Tweenies are performing their favourite dances together.

Special Features

  • Town Mouse & Country Mouse - Story Time
  • Highlights from other programmes
  • One Man went to Mow - Sing-a-long
  • Tweenies weblink
  • Dressing up – Game
  • Animated menus & scene selection

Rok vydania: 2003 Rozmer: neuvedený