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DVD Revolutionary Girl Utena - The Movie [1999] -

Revolutionary Girl Utena - The Movie [1999]


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Essentially a retelling of the television series, REVOLUTIONARY GIRL UTENA: THE MOVIE takes the series' story and runs with it, intensifying the sexual tension among the students at Ohtori Academy and incorporating even more surreal visual and thematic elements than the series. The story follows Tenou Utena, a new student at Ohtori Academy, who has somehow obtained a rose signet, a ring that allows one access to hidden world of duels and floating arenas where the struggle for the Rose Bride and World Revolution takes place. Soon, Utena finds herself aligned with the Rose Bride against the student council of Ohtori Academy, who are her competitors for the power to revolutionise the world.
Though the film may be hard to follow for those unfamiliar with the television series, REVOLUTIONARY GIRL UTENA - THE MOVIE is one of the most visually striking animated films ever made, and it represents an imaginative leap past a television series that was already incredibly innovative. Though the film is sometimes confounding, the fearless viewer will no doubt reap the plentiful rewards this movie has to offer.

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